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Tenant Right Net is due for some new content soon. The site went offline some time back when we lost our Internet service provider. The site was restored to duty as of September 17, 2010.

Blacklisting Bad Landlords
We may soon begin to publish occasional testimionials and stories about exceptionally controversal or questionable landlords and properties in metro Denver. Currently we are researching one landlord who has a rather unpopular reputation for arrogance, loves to freeze his tenants and evict them for complaining. And he has connections in Denver City Hall. By the way, don't expect Denver City Government to be your advocate. You will probably need icicles in your toilet before their Health & Hospitals Department will do anything about cold units for instance. And filing a lawsuit in Denver Small Claims Court for rental injustices will just get you blacklisted as "litigation prone" when a prospective landlord checks to see if you've been involved in any lawsuits. There are some avenues of official recourse. But the real power of tenants today is the power to boycott and publicize landlords with bad reputations. Landlords have been blacklisting so-called "bad tenants" for decades. It's time we started blacklisting bad landlords.

You can file a complaint with us and we will consider it for publication. You can give your name or remain anonymous. By publishing your complaint in Tenant Rights Net, others will be able to boycott your landlord, if your complaint is well-written and meritorious.

See our new section for NYC Tenant Rights

Safe-Air Housing
Tenant Rights Net proposes community organizing for right to breathe in passive-smoke afflicted low income housing.

Are you a cigarette smoke test dummy?
Does your pad smell like a saloon?
Tenant Rights Net is seeking your reports on passive smoke problems. We want Denver addresses where the problem is severe. These addresses may be used in a report with photos and comments.
Contact You may remain anonymous if you prefer.

Welcome !
TenantRights.Net serves

TenantRights.Net is devoted to bringing about a new level of tenant awareness and resourcefulness toward the long term mission of achieving social and economic equality with landlords as well as overturning the denial of tax shelter status to tenants. This web site is a portal for networking as well as a vessel for gradually expanding content. That content shall include essays, occasional major reports and assorted photojournalism as well as tools including a glossary. For details on planned topical matter click "About".

Homeless Woman
Homeless Woman in Denver
December, 2000

For insight into the tenant rights impetus read....
"The Road to Tenant Rights"

Attorney Listings and Law Centers
TenantRights.Net will consider providing free listings for any Denver-Boulder (and 303 calling area) attorneys who can demonstrate a history of providing a significant portion of their practice (not just one or two small cases) to pro bono defense of low income tenants in such matters as landlord-tenant disputes. We will also be linking all major public access law libraries in the Denver area.

Churches, Homeless Shelters, Domestic Violence Centers and Runaway Centers
TenantRights.Net will consider listing any Denver-Boulder (and 303 calling area) groups or organizations who have active programs to provide emergency or homeless shelter.

Land Reform Movements and Refugees
TenantRights.Net would like to link worldwide web sites dedicated to refugees and other politically displaced populations. Web sites dedicated to land reform are of high interest. Web links of this global nature should be dedicated domain name sites (hypothetical example ""). Folder level sites and sub-domain links are of lesser interest in the global category as they are less permanent.

Examples of links at the global level will include squatters in Europe, the Chiapas land struggle in Mexico and the epic Palestinian struggle, much like the early struggle of native Americans against our own ethnic cleansing and wholesale theft of land rights. Land-issue political struggles sometimes ferment into bloody revolutions. Revolutions, by and large, often pose threats to freedom and democracy leading to political conditions worse than before. Thus, on the global scale, TenantRights.Net offers links pertaining to virtually any and all land struggles. But it will require social and intellectual discussion to determine the merits of each cause and the virtue, if any, of supporting such causes where due.

The overall goal of TenantRights.Net is to expose the oneness of land evils and abuses at many levels in many places, in order to inspire a more socially cognizant and sophisticated struggle against the evil powers that be. These would include class-biased tax sheltering of real estate speculation, gentrification and economic cleansing, immoral government funding of luxury residential developments using taxpayer funds, and many other things amounting to a dastardly oppressive situation for common tenants, especially those who are poor. Landlordism in general, or in other words the expanding exploitation of land as a manipulated capital commodity, is a morally bankrupt obsession that has been the ultimate class struggle for thousands of years. Such evil could scarcely exist without a tax shelter system designed to disenfranchise tenants. But in addition to these complex issues, TenantRights.Net will indulge the everyday struggles of the common tenant, the evicted, and the blacklisted. We will endeavor to deconstruct the entire hierarchy of abuses while networking and uniting the assistance agencies and other entities who share in our social challenge.

TenantRights.Net will not stop at simply whining. There are in fact many solutions that will be outlined. We endeavor first and foremost, to be the most comprehensive link portal to tenant rights and land struggles on Earth. That will be supplemented with a bit of journalism in the form of essays, opinions and photography.

Contrary to the propaganda of real estate capitalism, the miseries and burdens of tenants are NOT accidental side effects of economic boom nor of unplanned growth. They are in fact deliberate historical and contemporary constructs of diabolical purpose, the capitalization of upper economic classes through social manipulation of noncapitalized classes, ie all but the wealthiest tenants and the poor.

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Tenant Rights Net is dedicated to the memory of Eddie Salazar, who lived at the NE corner of Emerson Street and 13th Avenue in Denver until he was fatally stabbed circa 1988, for asking a neighboring tenant to turn the stereo down. Eddie was a personal acquaintance for several years. His death was a Westword cover story when Denver General Hospital reportedly may have botched the emergency treatment of his wound..

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