Ghost Dwellings
Are you living on a murder set?

This new section is just getting started. It will eventually reveal countless metro Denver locations where murders occurred. Although crime may have moved out of your neighborhood, your cozy flat may be the location of a gruesome killing in the past. We thought you might like to know. We're sure your landlord would NOT want you to know. TenantRights.net will identify addresses from books, news clippings and files beginning with current newspaper reports and gradually going back in time. We will endeaver to report specific street addresses, dates, names of those involved and even specific apartment numbers where available.

Boulder - Numbered Streets:

Denver - Named Streets:

  • 14XX Ogden St. (Capitol Hill - The La Joya Apts?) - (exact address will be determined. It's mid-block on west side of street.) This two story apt. building was the scene of a late 1980s stabbing death where one man reportedly stabbed another in a conflict over a pork chop in one of the units' kitchens..
    - ref: neighborhood reports on the night of the crime.

  • (approx. 1450) Ogden St. (Capitol Hill) - One night circa, 1987-89, there was a fire in the southeast corner apartment on the second floor of this two story apartment building. A body was found. It was rumored to be an accident until police determined it was a murder covered by arson.
    - ref: Personal observation of Fired Dept. and neighborhood reports.

  • 1001 Sherman, apt. #307, Poet's Row (Triton Properties) - Following is a report we received by email: "In July of 1999, there was a gentleman who resided in 1001 Sherman, apartment #307, (one of Tritons buildings-"Poets Row"), who died of natural causes. That in itself is not much news,except that he laid in his bed for over a month before the smell overpowered the whole building and there were millions of flies infesting every apartment in the building. This was in the middle of the summer and as you can imagine, when the authorities were finally notified, the smell was overpowering. The man had no relatives and was not missed anywhere- a very sad situation. The fire department  cleaned up the mess that was left behind, (the) carpet, and a part of the floor where he had melted into. The bad part was that (after they took away the body) they just threw (the remaining biological maggot mess) into the dumpster behind the building where it remaind for the next week. Of course Triton was too cheap to call the rubbish company to come take it away early. It was so nasty! There were dumpster divers going through the mess every day. I have no idea how they could stand the smell and the flies."
    - The above report was received 2001 March 01 from an alleged former tenant of Poet's Row, owned by Triton Properties: The correspondent had previously written to us about other Triton matters and had requested anonymity. TenantRights.Net may publish any reports of significant interest, but makes no claim as to their veracity except where specifically indicated.

    Denver - Numbered Streets:

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