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Tenant Enemies
The Cockroach Awards
If you don't like divisiveness, then don't divide and conquor us!

The following entities are select examples who appear to have committed acts of economic cleansing and other attrocities in disservice to the poor and working poor or may have gone hard against the grain of tenant rights and dignities. This is not to deny that a few of these entities might also have done some small good for the community. But in the opinion of TenantRights.Net these are entities who have done more harm than good. Likewise these entries contain opinions that you are free to disaggree with.

This section is focused on Capitol Hill and Denver but open to other suggested entries from Colorado.

Much more to come!

TenantRights.Net hopes to have a picture tour documenting displaced people, sidewalk evictions, and some of the legendary gentrifiers who have been most insensitive and ruthless toward tenants upon acquisition of old properties.