About TenantRights.Net

TenantRights.Net was born to inform tenants and to stimulate intellectual and social discussion about the concept of land ownership and tenancy. It was born to provoke rejection of latent ubiquitous feudal attitudes in the ownership and lording of tenant lands, ie landlording. It was born to identify and network resources that empower tenants. Ultimately, TenantRights.Net was born to change the balance of power between landlord and tenant, a goal that may take generations if not centuries, but could begin to happen within our lifetimes.

What: TenantRights.Net is about, tenant rights, landlord wrongs, feudalism, economic cleansing, homelessness, poverty, gentrification, land rights, squatting, tenant taxation tyranny, protection of possessions, fighting evictions, activism, infrastructure inequality, Section 8, emergency shelter, creative space, storage, survival methods, co-op communities, and much more. But above all, TenantRights.Net is about creating a new philosophy, a new awareness, a new legitimate grass roots revolution.

Where: TenantRights.Net is for tenants and homeless people worldwide. The immediate focus however, will be on the Denver region including Boulder, all of Colorado, and the west. The epicenter of our strugle will be on the inner city communities of Denver where economic cleansing continues to destroy every last trace of social diversity in the name of greed and "landlordism". At this juncture, TenantRights.Net will gladly accept any source-credited reports, essays or other journalistic contributions from any city or nation in the world, whether it be San Fransisco, New York or New Dehli, India. It is only for practical purposes that Denver will be the starting focus.

How: TenantRights.Net will inform, editorialize, bring together writers, activists, humanistic services, old and new philosophies, expose evil, and promote a good, strong, well-informed thinking people with clear and concise agenda suggestions.

Why: Because we are sick of blatant hypocrisy and evil, sick of imbalanced economic burdens, sick of transience, sick of land abuse and landlord abuses, and sick of the entire system of fundamental thievery that exists in modern feudalism. The only fundamental difference between the old feudal estates of Europe and the latent feudalism of the inner city is that landlords do not own our bodies. Yet our bodies are drained of energy jumping their endless hurdles. We are fed up with it and we're not going to take it anymore.......not without a noble fight.

When: Right now. Day by day and hour by hour, we will come to know each other, share our stories, our plights, and our visions. We will seek to replace the usurping greed of landlordism with a fully empowered, informed, resourced and mobilized tenant society having as much or greater power than all landowners combined.