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What is reason for any evictions you may know about?

Has landlord declined to install or maintain safety or security items such as smoke detectors, secure doors, locks, strong doorjams, lower floor burglary resistant window grills with fire escape latches, safe railings, exterior lighting, or fully charged fire extinguishers? (Describe.)

If you have laundry facility, are the washers and dryers kept in working order?

Does your landlord or building manager intrude into your appointment on non-emergencies without making an appointment?

Has your landlord ever gouged anyone with ridiculous fees for normally cheap items like lost key replacement?

Is the exterior of your property plagued by obvious crack cocaine dealers or frequently found needles from possible public heroin usage.

Has your landlord continually failed to work out solutions to irritating public nuiscances such as open drug dealing, violence, ongoing domestic violence, open drinking or drunken behavior, or obnoxious noise?

Are the sidewalks or paths of your building plagued by unremoved snow and ice after winter storms?

Does your dumpster frequently overflow with trash or discarded furniture?

Has your landlord ever made verbal threats (legal or illegal)? (Describe.)

Is your apartment plagued by uncomfortable amounts of passive cigarette smoke from other apartments in the same building?

Has your landlord issued account billings that are highly suspicious in terms of accuracy or obviously erroneous or inaccurately pro-rated?

Do you have good reason to suspect that your landlord screens out prospective tenants based on their race, national heritage, religioun or moral beliefs, gender (male/female) or sexual preference?

Which of the following attitudes best describes your landlord at his/her worst?
blatantly rude or verbally bullying
impolite or inconsiderate
pretends to be nice but does creepy things or has lied a lot
average landlord

good attitude unless he/she gets upset

above average attitude

Do you feel your landlord by any chance, has a an illicit drug problem, prescription drug problem or drinking problem that reduces his willingness or ability to perform normal landlord duties?

What do you sense the turnover rate is at your building?
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extremely high (Tenants are always leaving.)
extremely low (Tenants stay a long time)

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